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Chest Heart Stroke Scotland Communication Resources

Posted on 15/04/2020

Chest Heart Scotland, is one of many organisations supporting people who have lost their voice or have difficulty speaking. They have developed a broad range of Communication Resources, including a freely downloadable app that includes a useful communication symbol set (link below). We hope you will find these resources helpful. They are freely available to use.

Some background information:

The PDF version of the Ambulance Conversation Booklet, (which was a joint initiative between Scottish Ambulance Service and Chest Heart Stroke Scotland a few years ago) can be widely shared with anyone who may find this helpful. CHSS also highlight that they also offer another version of this Conversation Support Booklet for a broader audience. Whilst this is already distributed widely to their existing networks, including speech and language therapists, they also wish to make it more broadly available to anyone who may  find it helpful.

CHSS have also produced a “Talk With Me” App.  You can find more details about this, including the links to download it, on the CHSS website  which could be an invaluable communication tool in consultations.

The CHSS  resource hub.

A further resource CHSS have uploaded to their site and have highlighted, is the Symbols Resource, which was developed by Aphasia Friendly Resources, and again for your wider sharing.