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Gavin Drysdale

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is a term used to describe a huge range of things that can help people to get their message across when they find speaking difficult. AAC can also help everybody to understand the world around them better – we all use signs and symbols everyday although we might not even think about it.

The term AAC can be used to describe things such as pictures, gestures, symbols, photographs as well as ‘high tech’ support including voice output communication aids.

It is estimated that 0.5% of the population could use AAC, which equates to around 26,500 people in Scotland. It can make a big difference for them if we are more aware of the many different ways that there are to communicate and how we can help.

See the links and advice below to find out more.

What can you do to help?

You can explore your understanding and professional development needs by using the IPAACKS resource

Please encourage your organisation to share information about AAC using the various resources available (see below).

Advise clients and their families who may benefit from AAC to visit these pages to find out more.

The AAC Scotland website offers online learning modules which is aimed at people with little or no previous experience of working with people who use AAC. These can be viewed singly or as a series.

Useful links for professionals