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Posted on 10/02/2022

From 19 March 2018, NHS Boards in Scotland have had a legislative duty to provide or secure communication equipment and the support in using that equipment, often referred to as Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). This duty applies to children and adults, from all care groups who have lost their voice or have difficulty speaking. There is no comparable law anywhere else in the UK.  The duty is exercisable by Health Boards and one Special Health Board, the State Hospitals Board for Scotland and is delivered in the main, through Speech and Language Therapists.

Scottish Government and partners are keen to hear from AAC users, their families and carers to discuss their lived experience of using AAC in their day to day lives as well as their experience of accessing AAC services. We hope this will help us in understanding any impact the new law has made since commencement in March 2018.

If you are an AAC user, a family member or a carer of an AAC user, please see the Have Your Say flyer for more information and contact details.